Wild Woman of the West


I’ve been busy producing and editing projects for clients so I haven’t been able to work as much on new She Warriors episodes…but I have a few coming up soon!

Check out the trailer for Trick Roper and Trick Rider Linda Montana...You'll LOVE her sass and her “no fear” attitude in life.

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She and I have been neighbors for years and often ride horses together. When I was thinking of creating a show about inspirational women, the universe hit me up with Linda Montana.

Linda Montana and Jen Uteda

No joke, we were riding on a Saturday a.m. in March of 2017 and she started telling me about the amazing life she’s led, performing with The Buffalo Bill Wild West show from 1980 to 1989. I never knew this about her, but the universe chose that day to have her bring it up! Ok, hear ya !

You’re gonna love this adventurous woman (learn how she "decked a man" while defending herself)

Look for this episode next week! I'm busy working on it between other projects for clients. :)

#womenofthewildwildwest #inspiringstories #empoweringwomen #trickriding #trickroping #buffalobillswildwildwestshow

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