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How an idea grows

Welcome! I'm Jennifer Uteda, the creator of She Warriors. I'm so happy to share these inspiring stories about real life woman heroes. I created this series because these women inspire me everyday. I hope they will inspire you too.

I enjoy working behind the scenes. That’s probably why I love what I do professionally. Personally, I’ve worked that way to support my family and to make sure they were well cared for at home. That always came first for me.

I'm going to get a little personal now which is something I don't usually do! I've decided to live more bravely like the women in the series. Here goes...things started to change for me around 2 years ago. Old ways of doing things didn’t work anymore. Family dynamics changed too and I wasn't happy in my marriage. It was then when a routine mammogram found breast cancer. I'm sure you know someone this has happened to or maybe it happened to you. This will sound funny, but I believe it saved my life. During the whole

mind-numbing process of surgery and radiation treatments, a little voice in my head said, “Wake up. Wake up.”

Have you ever felt your sense of purpose?

Ever since I can remember, I knew I had something bigger to give to others. It was time to stop living behind the scenes and do it. The idea for She Warriors came after hours of writing, listening to my inner voice and looking for signs from the universe. When it came to me, I felt a lightning bolt of energy surge through my body. It was so shocking it made in cry. I knew this was it. I’ve thought of little else since.

My first episode features Detective Julissa Trapp, an amazing woman I saw while watching Dateline. I knew I needed to interview her for She Warriors. Julissa embodies the true female spirit. She does incredibly difficult things and always comes from a place of love and service. She’s focused on her purpose in life and has changed lives for the better, including mine. I’m proud of this episode and I hope women and young girls will watch it and be inspired!

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